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CrossFire Stand& Fill Timed Broadcast

CrossFire Stand& Fill Timed Broadcast

Quality, Functionality, and Affordablity is what makes CrossFire Feeders the best Feeders on the market! When it comes to the quality the proof is in the pudding. Heavy Steel holds up the feeders across skids allowing you to place this feeder on anytype of soil without the risk of it sinking in and falling over. Not to mention the skids make them very easy to load or move in field. Whether you go with the Galvanized or the 16ga steel you can expect the welds to be clean and the seams to be tightly sealed. The Functionality of the feeders speak for themselves. With a low lid height it is very easy to fill these feeders off of the ground. No more ladders or fall risk! The large lid allows for an easy pour into the hopper. This model of feeder comes standard with a Varmit cage. No worrying about unwanted animals getting into the spinner or timer. The powerful spinner works off a 12volt battery that is tended with a solar panel located inside the varmit cage. The Timer makes it very easy to set feed times and feed durations, up to 6 different feed times per day! All feeders are priced with Spinner, Battery, Solar Panel, and Timer. Available in 300lbs, 600lbs, 1000lbs

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